>Olivia y sus tios

> Es increible como esta pequeña personita que está delante de nosotros nos ha cambiado. Todo lo que hemos vivido desde aquel día en que nos enteramos de la buena noticia, cuantas risas, cuantos lloros, alegrías, ilusiones … tantas noches hablando. Oli, tu y tu madre siempre nos tendréis ahí ! tus tíos siempre estaránSigue leyendo «>Olivia y sus tios»

Croatia !! light after the dark

>yes…what you are looking in the picture is a real one !!! no photoshop !!! :)) This is the Plitvice Lakes national park. I started in Zagreb, and it was not so easy to find a suitable place to stay and economical at same time. Indeed, Zagreb is nice but expensive!! Walking around the citySigue leyendo «Croatia !! light after the dark»

>Skiing in the Alps

> It was awesome !!! can you imagine how peaceful was there, how beautiful was the landscape We arrived there on sunday in a really small village in the middle of the Alps. Just a market, ski shop, and one bar (closing at 22:30!! that is not the spanish schedule !) First days, we thoughtSigue leyendo «>Skiing in the Alps»