Camino de Santiago

> Cuál sería tu motivación para hacer el Camino de Santiago ? Religioso, cultural, aventura, amistad, deportivo, etc … Motivos hay tantos como gente haciendo el camino, incluso más!Eso es lo más bonito del camino, no importa el motivo por el que lo hagas, no importa de donde vengas, o lo que hagas, simplemente estásSigue leyendo “Camino de Santiago”

Croatia !! light after the dark

>yes…what you are looking in the picture is a real one !!! no photoshop !!! :)) This is the Plitvice Lakes national park. I started in Zagreb, and it was not so easy to find a suitable place to stay and economical at same time. Indeed, Zagreb is nice but expensive!! Walking around the citySigue leyendo “Croatia !! light after the dark”

>Skiing in the Alps

> It was awesome !!! can you imagine how peaceful was there, how beautiful was the landscape We arrived there on sunday in a really small village in the middle of the Alps. Just a market, ski shop, and one bar (closing at 22:30!! that is not the spanish schedule !) First days, we thoughtSigue leyendo “>Skiing in the Alps”