Croatia !! light after the dark

>yes…what you are looking in the picture is a real one !!! no photoshop !!! :)) This is the Plitvice Lakes national park. I started in Zagreb, and it was not so easy to find a suitable place to stay and economical at same time. Indeed, Zagreb is nice but expensive!! Walking around the citySigue leyendo «Croatia !! light after the dark»

>Skiing in the Alps

> It was awesome !!! can you imagine how peaceful was there, how beautiful was the landscape We arrived there on sunday in a really small village in the middle of the Alps. Just a market, ski shop, and one bar (closing at 22:30!! that is not the spanish schedule !) First days, we thoughtSigue leyendo «>Skiing in the Alps»

Asia Edition I. Vietnam

Vietnam. Recorrido norte-sur, empezando en Hanoi. El bus nº17, te lleva desde el aeropuerto al centro (500vnd, en su día…). Ahí puedes visitar la ciudad (templo Lit, pueblo La Met-para ver serpientes, puedes usar transporte público), ir a little Hanoi, ir a Tam Coc. Aprovechar y comer por el centro. Templo de la literatura ySigue leyendo «Asia Edition I. Vietnam»