Mexico … can you imagine 18 million people livingin the same city … right, that is D.F.
Where you can rest in Xochimilco on sundays!
Going out in Garibaldi square, crowded of mariachis!!
Around 50km north far from DF, you will find the Teotihuacan pyramids, with sun(192 steps) and moon(112 steps) pyramids.
Unfortunately i did not have the chance to travel all around Mexico, you could spend so many months going to several places.
Going to the north, Queretaro will show you the tipical colonial spanish architecture.
South to Puebla also with beautiful colonial buildings (with tile walls ).
Moving to the west you will see Cuernavaca and going through Sierra de Guerrero and a little village in the mountains, Taxco where for sure you could spend so much money on the silver stuff!!and tasting a delicious plates …
Moving forward to the west coast, you will find Acapulco. Good times were in the 60’s and 70’s, now i think it is a bit in decline. Definitely to see the «clavadistas» en la Quebrada, where guys (called clavadistas) jump from the top of the cliffs to the sea so close to the rocks! and taste a ceviche!
What about food: please, don’t miss, tacos al pastor, mole, escamoles, nopales, tamales, quesadillas de cuitlacoche
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  1. >Vaya, Oscar! se ve que fue toda una experiencia. Que buen viaje! y cuantas cosas tan diferentes. Tienes razon en que es una pena la pobreza y falta de desarrollo. Te mando un beso, tu prima

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