>Running …


I got it !!! OMG i got it !!
what do you feel when you drive you body, soul, feelings to the top, at maximum!!
I never thought i would be able to run 21 km.
It was long time since i workout last time, so actually i did not believe i was ready to do it, however i decided to woke up at 7 on sunday … and be ready to start at 10.
My first goal was, let’s do «just» 10km (as my previous race on Dec 31st), but once i reached this target, i decided to go forward until 15km … omg, my legs broken, my heart calm although … but, i did strongly believe i could go until finish … so, after some minutes really hard i got it !! score !!
My body was dead, my soul was awesome !!
Moral: you can do it, you just truly need believe on yourself … whatever it costs !!

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