Croatia !! light after the dark

>yes…what you are looking in the picture is a real one !!! no photoshop !!! :)) This is the Plitvice Lakes national park.

I started in Zagreb, and it was not so easy to find a suitable place to stay and economical at same time. Indeed, Zagreb is nice but expensive!!
Walking around the city center you can find all the terraces in the streets, some relax, coffee, beers, and having great time sitting in the sofa outside watching the people walking.
Train, is the best way to move in Zagreb, single ticket is 6,5 kn (0,9 eur), but there are very few inspectors.

Don’t miss the cathedral (no shorts! or t-shirts), ice-cream in Vincek, market, history museum, and just walk around.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, and it was granted UNESCO World Heritage. It is an amazing place with lakes, forest, nature, animals and … waterfalls !

Entrance is 110kn, and it is possible to walk all around the park in 1 day, using also the boats. Strongly recommend to go Veliki waterfall, which is the highest with 70m (you need to climb through stairs …)

And what about Dubrovnik. Actually is pretty touristic city…full of tourist in the summer time (but may is fine).

You will find out how many restaurants are in the old city (enter from Pile door, until Ploce), this take it out some charm … but all places are really nice to have a romantic dinner or just enjoy fried fish while you are listening live music. I suggest the Amorat restaurant to taste a rissoto with seafood!
You will find the maps with the bombs impacts in every door of the wall. Furthermore, you will see the different roofs colours, for those destroyed by the bombs during the war on the 90’s.

If you want to stay, i recommend you the Begovic pension (150kn/night)
The best places are the coves where you can swim in the Adriatic … awesome!
Take one day to walk all around Dubrovnik discovering new places

so, just enjoy, take your time, meet people

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  1. >Muy bonito, pero cabrón podrías ponerlo tambien en Español que todos no somos tan internacionales como tú, aún hay gente paletica por el mundo.Yo he visto blog que lo ponen en español y debajo lo mismo pero en inglés, curratelo unpoquito no?

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